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This is the most important to ensure the Wi-Fi security. You need to confirm this matter. All of the routers and networking devices come with those features for securing the Wi-Fi and router setting. From the router control center, you can easily secure the connection and control other devices which are connected with the router wirelessly and wired. Before starting any work for the router and Wi-Fi setting. However, the Wi-Fi setting and securities are manual process After login to the router with the IP address, username and password, it is easy to login. Different routers, switch and other networking devices use different IP address. That is why, it is need to know the correct IP address for your routers.
The IP address is used by the Cisco and Linksys routers. If you use any model of those brands, then you can try to login with the IP address, username and password. All of those information, you will find on the paper or the behind the device. The IP address is a private IP address and it is the default IP address for router Cisco and Linksys. To setup security for the admin wireless security, it is necessary to login to the router control center. Some routers let you use external option to secure the Wi-Fi connection. You need to establish the wireless security. Otherwise, the wireless internet will be hacked and someone may use your internet connection for free. You have to be careful about this issue.
Changing IP address, username and password can use used for securing the router but that is not enough. You need to secure the Wi-Fi connection. If you do not secure the connection, then you are going to face very big difficulties. If anyone want to change the router setting, then he needs to come your location and change the router internal setting but if you change the default username and password, then that is enough for securing the router device. You are not changing the default IP address. Because experts do not suggest to change the default IP address. The default IP address has many uses. If you want to check the connection of the router and computer, you need to use IP address.
Now start the process of login to the router for setup Wi-Fi security. This is called admin Wireless security. Choose any browser and use a browser that you like. Now type the IP address on the address and press enter button. Now you will see a page where you need to use username and password which you can collect from router manual or behind the router. Now you need to enable Wi-Fi security feature one by one from control section of the router. Now you can avoid excess bill.
You can setup security for the Wi-Fi via enabling the encrypted security WAP2 and WEP. You will get those option under the security. All of the routers have encrypted security features. If you do not find the encrypted security option, then you should read the manual and identify the encrypted security. When you have enabled the encrypted security, you have made the Wi-Fi connection hard to hack.
Setup hard password for Wi-Fi. If you setup a hard password for Wi-Fi connection, then it becomes seriously hard for hacking. The password should be 8 to 11 digits long at least and the password must be upper and smaller letter. You can use symbol in the password and make the password hard. Some experts also advice to use small password which is very difficult to pretend. Do not use common password or do not apply credit card information as password. You should change the password in every three months.
Changing SSID network name is very important and secure the connection. You should not setup the SSID network name according to your family members name or any name which is important and related with your family members. Do not apply credit card information in the SSID name.
MAC filtering method is the best way of securing the Wi-Fi connection. Through the MAC filtering method, you can identify some devices which can use your Wi-Fi network and you can ban some other devices not to use Wi-Fi network. It is very easy to control those devices. You can add and remove devices from the list of the MAC of the router.
Disabling DHCP method is another way of securing the Wi-Fi connection. This method is the best method and you can use this method in some of the routers of Wi-Fi connection. Many routers do have this method.
By limiting the IP address pool reduce the risk of the Wi-Fi hacking. If the reduce the IP address pool, then the Wi-Fi hacking possibility will be reduced. In the manual, you must get feature related with the IP address pool.
You can reduce the range of the router from the router control section. This is another method of securing the Wi-Fi connection. Read the manual to know more detail about the way of reducing the range of the router.
Keep the router and extender away from the door and window. If you keep the device near to the window and door, then the range of the router will go out. So, some other people can get the router rang from the outside.
You need to ensure the Wi-Fi security in every way. Some routers give options to use external options which is also important features for some outers. You need to read the router manual to identify the problem of the router and Wi-Fi security.
You should not share the login detail in public. Some routers let you hide the SSID network name. If you can do this, then your router device is secured and safe to use. You can change the Wi-Fi password in every month and setup another secured password. You should keep the router at the middle of your home and office as if the range can cover the home.
Read the manual before using any step for Wi-Fi security. If you do not understand any new features of the router for Wi-Fi, then you should contact with manufacturer. If it is a lengthy process, then you can contact with vendor. Vendor may help you fast for this case. However, you can use Google.com and some other blogs to know detail of the Wi-Fi security. If your router is very modern, then you will get more facilities with multiple security system related with Wi-Fi and some other option. You must love all of the features quick with this device.